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Thursday, October 15, 2009

permanent makeup training Florida

October 15, 2009 - Thursday
Top Permanent Makeup Training Boca Raton FLorida, One more month free air / hotel Category: Blogging
ACAS ACADEMY of Cosmetic Arts and Science 954-200-1104 Booth #615
We are quickly approaching the 2009 IECSC convention, 23 days and counting.
We are so excited to be a part of the great event that takes place every year, and as always, we expect such a great turnout again this year.– I would like to give you a first hands introduction to our staff this year that will be greeting and meeting all you show goers, as I hope you get a chance to meet each and every one of them!
Ms. Katrina –- Dean of Admissions
Ms. Doreen - World reknown Permanent makeup Instructor
Ms Diane –- Lead Educational Director
Ms. Angela - Platform ArtistMs. Andreya Benelli- Platform Artist Instuctor
After The Show……………….
I would like to remind everyone if you are interested in the training class following the
show, reserve your seat now, as we do expect to fill the entire class at shows end.

40.5 Clock Hour Permanent Makeup Training Course Location:
1600 South Dixie HighwaySuite #106
Boca Raton FL 33432

Permanent Makeup Lips. brows, hairstrokes, Lip liner eyeliner and lash enhancement Includes Full Signature KitMachine, pigments, topicals. needles case, sharps and much more
Full Marketing Plan
Free refreshers for up to a year
Hotline 7 days a week
Nov 9-12th -– Following the show
Register by October 28th Financing Available $104 a Month
ACAS Academy Licensed through Fl Dept. of Education Commision for Independant Education #3954
For registration please call us at 954-200-1104 Space is limited so call and reserve your seat today!
This year ACAS Academy has decided to incorporate Hotel and Air fare to the famous Boca Raton FL for our students.
For every student that registers for the upcoming Nov 9th-12, Nov 13-16 or Dec 4-7 classes we will be covering all your expenses:

*Hotel 4 star resort
*Gourmet Breakfast
*Transportation to/from school

There is ALWAYS something special going on with ACAS Academy …….See you in ....Fort Lauderdale....Booth #615!!!

ACAS Academy's graduates are employed! 98% placement rate our Success is your Success!! Ms. Katrina Says "ACAS Academy is different from your typical school. We setup our students to succeed, there is alot more to being successful than just learning your procedures. ACAS Academy realizes that it is after you have earned your Diploma when you need the most support. Having these resources are key to your success! " ACAS ACADEMY PROVIDES ASSISTANCE IN
-Comprehensive Marketing
-Business Planning (establishing DBA or LLC)
-Malpractice insurance
-Merchant Services
-Web site design and seo
-Medical supervision assistance (FL Law)
-Free Refreshers for up to one year
-Question Hotline Available from 8am-10pm Daily

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Top Permanent Cosmetic Training Free Air/Hotel Boca Raton FL : "ACAS Academyof Cosmetic Arts and Sciences Permanent Makeup School Florida ACAS Academy The Best Academy Top Permanent Makeup Training school in Florida How about a vacation to Boca Raton Florida. Airfare/ Hotel Comped

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Permanent Cosmetics A Top-Salary Career: Florida's Top Best Permanent Makeup Training School

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2008 women's average salaries were at $32,515 and $42,261 respectively. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity, this can be explained by the careers chosen by many. Retail sales, clerical and service work account for over half of all positions held by women, and these jobs tend to be relatively low-paying.
If you are stuck in a job that pays less than you would like, it is never too late to return to school and find a new career. A career Permanent Makeup programs are more flexible than ever, making them ideal for non-traditional learners juggling family time, work and school, or someone that is retired looking for supplemental income.
A career in Permanent Cosmetics and Paramedical Micropigmentation are well-paying extremely lucrative careers that are all accessible to women or men of any age looking for a career change or career enhancement.

5 Fabulous Reasons to Become a Permanent Makeup Artist!

1. Permanent makeup is very profitable in today’s economy. Time is money and permanent makeup can command over $200. an hour. When your time is valuable and you need to be a high earner, permanent makeup will give you the luxury of letting you decide on how few or many hours you choose to work. With prices like eyebrows: $600; eyeliner: $250; and lips: $500 --- you can see that one procedure a day can bring you a minimum of $2000 a week. Some permanent makeup artists are grossing $2000 daily.

2. How wonderful to be in a career that brings personal achievement. When you have done something to make a person feel whole, it is rewarding in itself. As women age their features can become almost dull with a fading effect. Permanent makeup can give a woman a more youthful appearance. You will receive personal satisfaction when that client is so very grateful for your work.

3. The luxury of time - Being a permanent makeup artist will give you personal freedom. Some artists choose to contract their work out to salons as well as doctor’s offices. With a little creative marketing you can have others sell your service and you simply show up on demand.

4. A recession proof career. Sure people are cutting back but not in the world of beauty. Baby boomers more than ever want to have a youthful appearance and permanent makeup will do the job. Also, for women with busy schedules, permanent make up gives them the ability to spend less time in front of the mirror trying to get those brows and eyeliner on properly.

5. And last but not least --- FUN. What a great way to make a living! Enjoy the wonderful world of beauty and make money at it. " Enjoy what you do and the money will follow." Best of all - once you learn this trade you can take it anywhere.
Where you train does matter ! ACAS Academy’s, is the top premier nationally recognized organization in Micropigmentation Permanent Makeup Training. We are a diploma issuing institution, Licensed through Dept of Education and Board certified through the Commission of Independent Education.
ACAS Acadmey’s Cosmetic Enhancement Programs are best geared for inspiring professionals, artists or already established Professional Artists. Whether you are completely new to the field of cosmetics or seek additional top skills to advance an ongoing practice, you will not find a higher quality permanent makeup education. Our classes are taught by top world leaders in professional Permanent Cosmetics Training, Makeup Artistry Training, Photography Make up Classes, and Semi Permanent Lash extensions. As an added Bonus we also happen to be located in the world renowned luxurious Boca Raton, Florida, also known as the Beverly Hills of the South East! Hotel and Airfare will be included

You can redefine yourself and your future.

Remember, every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around!
To learn more about the programs offered at ACAS Academy please visit us at or call 954-200-1104 to schedule your complementary career counseling session. We do look forward in being the first step in your successful future!
~Ms Katrina Bodrato Dean of Admissions

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Choose a Permanent Makeup School

First thing is to check with Dept of Education and Make sure you school is a Licensed School.

  • Is the school your considering offering a Certificate or Diploma? A Diploma is the highest credential offer in Permanent Cosmetics and is recognized state to state (local Tatooing laws may differ) and international.

  • Request a copy of your schools curriculium see what is being covered each hour you are in class.

  • Does your class offer refreshers and Continuing education? Do they charge Alumni Students if they need to refresh?

  • Ask for a list of graduates from recent to severel years so you can compare the job market and see how students are doing.

  • How is their support system ? Is there a hotline? What if you need assistance after hours?

  • Do they have an Instructor Insurance Policy

  • What type of equipment are you trained on

  • Do they have a financing plan? is it interest Free?

ACAS Permanent Makeup Training

Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences

The premier choice in Permanent Cosmetics Training

*PLEASE VIEW OUR GALLERY FOR LETTERS FROM OUR RECENT GRADUATES Our highly experienced and dedicated faculty are State Approved Micropigmentation Instructors through the Department of Education Commission of Independent Education. We meet the highest standards in the industry!The dedicated working professional can earn from $350 - $1500 for a single procedure!Work from Home, Day Spas, Prominent Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Dermatologists... BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

*Licensed by the Florida Department of Education - License #3954
*All Graduates receive an official diploma backed by the Department of Education.
*Doctor Supervised
*Assistance obtaining personal medical supervision
*Board certified micropigmentation instructors on staff
*Red Cross certified in Universal Precautions/Infection Control
*Fully insured - "Hands on" live model clinic
*Graduates receive discount on malpractice insurance
*Rotary or digital kit equipment included with tuition
*Start up business planning included with tuition
*Financing plans available to those who qualify (ask about our interest free & extended payment plans)
*Question hotline available to graduates
*Free refresher courses for one year to graduates
*Job placement assistance
*Assistance obtaining websites, business cards, insurance, promotional material, merchant services, and much more...

Monday, June 22, 2009

How can you tell a Rotary Machine from a True Digital Permanent makeup Machine?

What is the difference between rotary permanent makeup equipment and state-of-the-art digital equipment?
Many companies market themselves as digital, or digital control but how can you tell if you are truly purchasing a digital machine. Well, the true Digital Permanent Makeup machines are considered the “Rolls Royce” of all permanent makeup equipment and are only manufactured in GERMANY (like BMW) not china. Digital Permanent Makeup machines do come with a hefty price tag and can range in price from $2795-$3500. A rotary machine can be easily separated from a digital if you know what to look for.
Does the hand piece (pen) plug directly into the power source (plug or wall outlet) is it battery operated or wireless (rechargeable Batteries)? If yes, then it is not a True German Digital Machine it is a rotary. Be especially aware of machines coming out of China the quality tends to be extemely poor, and does not come with a warrenty. Even worse if they are not a reputable business and go under, you will have to purchase a whole new system as to needles are not univeral. Companys like Kanagawa market themselves as digital when it is just battery operated they retail for $49-$55 a piece. Big difference from a true medical Presion quality of the Noveau Contour 1000's
A true Digital machine regulates the speed of the needle based on the thickness of the skin. The needles come in a cartridge that is pre-sterilized, so there is no need for an autoclave. It self adjusts and maintains the same speed , kind of like a car on cruise control going uphill, you can hear the engine rev up yet it maintains the same speed you set it on. The digital Permanent makeup machine is the same concept. A true German Digital Machine is easily detected from a fake….
The Hand Piece (pen), on a true digital machine should plug into a digital unit (about the size of a microdermabrasion machine), and that unit plugs into the power outlet (plug or wall outlet). The digital unit controls the speed and precision of the needle in the hand piece. Plain and simple, it is the brains of your equipment. If your equipment is not plugged into anything but a wall or operated by a battery then it’s machine that can only be adjusted by the technician. Rotary equipment is a great backup to digital so technicians should know both methods since the likely hood of owning two (2) digital machines is unlikely due to cost factor.