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Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What you should know about Permanent Makeup Schools



ACAS ..Academy.. of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences is a top National School of Permanent Makeup Training. At ACAS we adhere to the strict standards of education set forth by the Florida Dept of Education, Commission for Independent Education License #3954. Both individuals and independent postsecondary educational institutions benefit from a system that assures that all institutions satisfactorily meet certain educational standards.

The Legislature further recognizes the role of federally recognized accrediting associations in setting standards for independent postsecondary educational institutions and encourages the use of recognized accreditation standards as a general guideline. Important when choosing where to attend

Protecting yourself and your education starts by ensuring you are attending an Educational Institution that have met these guidelines and that your credentials that you've earned are recognized by Dept of Education.

ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences provides education with results to individuals desiring a career in Permanent Makeup/ Medical Micropigmentation, Makeup Artistry and Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions. ACAS Academy's Graduates are employed we have a stellar placement ratio in the 90th percentile. The success of our students measures the success of our academy!

Our educational philosophy is to ensure that graduating students leave the academy with the artistic inspiration, technical skills, and business expertise needed to launch a successful career in this growing profession.
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Department of Education aids in protecting the health, education, and welfare of persons (students) who receive educational services from educational institutions in this state; Also provides aid to employers who depend upon people whose educational credentials are from independent postsecondary educational institutions in this state.

A Diploma is the highest credential recognized from Florida dept of Education for Permanent Makeup Training and can only be issued by a licensed school, not an organization, nor a private instructor.

Protecting the public and individuals, is a service that is provided by Dept of Education at no charge. They do not charge annual member ship fees or dues they are here to protect you the student and offer the public unbiased advise regarding schools and educational services . Private Profit and Non for Profit Organizations DO NOT regulate Permanent Cosmetics in the state of Florida.

Private Organizations and/or Private instructors DO NOT have a right to issue any certification in the state of Florida (Chapter 1005 FL Statutes) with out a school license. If you are considering another organization please call the commission at (850) 245-3200
Please investigate your options with Dept of education, ask about your schools placement ratio vs. how many graduates they have had, make sure they are a licensed educational institution.

To learn more about the programs offered at ....ACAS.. ..Academy.... please fill out the form on our CONTACT US form .One of our Admission Coordinators will contact you within 24 hours."